How to Wear Hijab Women's Super Fast rectangular Career

The following hijab tutorial is very practical and easy that can be used to go to work for career women. How to wear the veil that is simple, practical and super fast becoming a requirement because of the many activities that have been waiting
By using rectangular hijab that you have, now you can make new creations in order to look more different. And of course, will make you look more elegant with a fairly short time with just a few steps away. Interested to try it? Go see the following tutorial as quoted from

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  Prepare : 1. Inner veil
                 2. Rectangular hijab
                 3. Needle
                 4. Pin

The first step, rectangular hijab you with the position of the right and left side should be the same length.

The second step, take both sides of the rectangular hijab down your chin. Then insert the pin.

The third step, point right side of the rectangular hijab your head to the left. To be strong and do not shift position, pinned with a needle.

The fourth step, take the long hijab and point in the direction of your front. Then lift the tip up to the top of the head as shown in the image above.

Finally, embed the pointy tip of the needle so that its position does not move.

Rectangular hijab now you look more different, yeah Not hard? Good luck! 


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